IRS Targeting

It seems every scandal will be fought over until the truth is uncovered, no matter how long it takes. Which is the way it should be; however, if the investigation were done correctly, the IRS scandal which was uncovered last May might have been able to be put to bed. As you will read in the attached letter, the appointed investigator had donated over $6,000 to the President’s campaigns and to the Democratic National Convention. It’s safe to say he was a staunch supporter of this Democratic President.

It’s interesting to note how the left has been after Chris Christie over the closure of 2 of the 3 lanes of traffic that lead onto the George Washington bridge, which ofcourse is an annoyance and shame on those who used it as political revenge. They claim its the same scale as the IRS or Benghazi, they claim the IRS and Benghazi were so long ago they’re irrelevant. Using the government to attack specific people’s money via the IRS sounds a bit more scandalist than lane closures that affected everybody equally, you might even say there was racial equality and secularity in Bridgegate.

But here’s the main question: Does anybody really care?

The American people are a scandalist loving bunch, but these scandals seem so petty, so exaggerated that NBC has had a 3% drop in news trustworthiness.

Fox went through a court case in 1998 which gave all media the right to lie. Liberals have long sense used that as a catalyst for argument over conservative views saying the Fox audience is lied to. In reality, the case was filed over a local news station in Tampa, FL that was told to lie about a cow drug designed to make cows produce more milk.

More on that here:

This law was not necessarily directed towards Fox, although they were the company involved in the case, instead it was a blanket sweep of all private news companies saying they don’t have to tell the truth on television. With the belief of Fox to be liars, MSNBC shows no remorse in constant exaggerations and general conservative-hatred propaganda.

With that being said, in news trustworthiness at this moment in time, Fox rates higher than NBC.

An impartial critique of that claim here :

That’s quite unacceptable for NBC and the brand they have created, and members of the NBC nightly news team are not happy about the new stamp MSNBC is putting on the entire company.

Nonetheless, the MSNBC viewers really don’t seem to care about this Christie Scandal any longer, and because their party has so screwed up the federal government, they refuse to dial it back and continue to get more vicious towards anyone on the right side of the ball. The subpoenas have been served in the Christie scandal only weeks after its discovery and the judicial proceedings are taking place. Its now been almost 9 months since the IRS scandal, and after a biased investigation, not a single indictment was filed.

Ted Cruz’s letter to Attorney General Eric Holder :

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